His Holiness the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet

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In 1956, the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama visited India at the invitation
of the Mahabodhi Society to attend the 2500th Birth Anniversary Celebrations
of the Buddha.
In the film we see him arriving on horseback at Gangtok and visiting Siliguri
by car. He then flies to Delhi by air where he is greeted by crowds of people.
One clip shows the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama watching a performance by school
children with Nehru and Chao En Lai by their side.
In other clips we see them together with Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. S. Radhakrishan,
Indira Gandhi and the former King of Sikkim. We also see him visiting the Sanchi
Stupa, the Ajanta Caves, the Taj Mahal and many other places.


———十世班禅大师圆寂 二十周年悼念会上的演讲(中央民大)


我们永不忘记藏历第十七绕迥之土蛇年,公元1989年1月28日晚上8点8分种的那一刻的表针。那一刻,在1938年诞生在青海省循化并1948年 被认为九世班禅传世的一位大师。那一刻,在1962年书写《八万字方针意见》并1964年被戴上反党、反人民、反社会主义的纸帽子送进监狱的一位大人 物。那一刻,在1980年被选为全国人大副委员长并“从民间来,到民间去”的伟大政策实行 者。那一刻,我们最该敬佩和最该疼爱的十世班禅额尔德尼·确吉坚赞,他,从此,跟我们永别了,永别了!(向班禅尊像敬礼)

谁把夏龙道吉尖参眼珠儿挖走了?是谁逮狱了巡游世界的首位学者根 顿群培?是谁逼死了新文学之创者懂珠加?现在我们只剩下的什么?如今我们的图博特当中,以反思和批判的眼光去对待过去历史的、硬骨头的、脊梁坚固的、敢说 敢当的汉子,有几个?若一个都没有,那我们这一代完蛋了吗?不,绝不,我们应该从错综曲折的这个历史的转折之处,膜拜班禅大师,继续发扬班禅的精神。虽然 他久久离我们远去,但是在我们的心中他永远是活着的,永远是我们的榜样和骄傲,是我们的人生导师和思想的指挥者。

从历史的典籍中,祖辈们高亢一歌后远远离去。我们正在遗忘着一位 英雄,既然他那把利剑再反复地磋磨,我们仍然正在遗忘着这位英雄。 图博特村庄的人啊!天堂与地狱之间的那道万丈深渊,把你侵吞于何 方?让你哑口无言的那条红绳凶器,把你勒死于何处?十世班禅再三强调过:“说藏语—-说藏语—-学藏语—学藏语”那你为何把我的三十个字母玷污成鬼话重 重?为何我那纯 洁的图博特喉咙里灌进来血红色的毒酒?我的兄弟!请你给我回答!为什么?

当弥漫水泥和钢筋之味的一间间小屋对我们进行引诱时,在都市中, 所谓能代表现代化的一些符号,把人们的智慧和勇敢、个性和力量,统统从电线和油路的交叉处毁成碎片时,依然没人站出来喊声:“城市啊!请您饶了我吧!”。 在这个时刻,我们遗忘着念诵嘛呢正在上路的大爷、遗忘着发横耍野正在奔跑的一群牦牛,遗忘着黑帐篷的天窗、小牛犊的玩耍、无垠的草原、蔚蓝的天空,还有叶 拉仙博至阿尼玛青之间所居的众神,都被我们正在遗忘中。现今,我们为何悼念叫“班禅”的这位人物并宣扬他的精神却没有回家呢?今天,家乡的每一座山、每一 条河,还有父母、兄弟、亲戚、朋友都多么多么地需要我们啊!

最后,如同班禅大师所保证的,在他的一生中绝不会留下损害藏族名 誉的一丝痕迹那样,我们也举起双手来保证吧!对图博特一向表示,纯洁无暇肝、纯洁无暇的肺、纯洁无暇心、纯洁无暇血,并且让班禅精神永垂不朽地发扬下去! (高举右手)



Hu killed Panchen: Chinese dissident

Phayul[Wednesday, March 16, 2011 15:02]

By Kalsang Rinchen

Yuan speaks to media-persons at a press conference, Mcleod Ganj, March 16, 2011, Phayul photo/Norbu Wangyal

Yuan speaks to media-persons at a press conference, Mcleod Ganj, March 16, 2011, Phayul photo/Norbu Wangyal

Dharamsala, March 16 – A prominent Chinese dissident has accused Chinese president Hu Jintao of masterminding the death of the 10th Panchen Lama who passed away in January 1989 at the age of 51.

“Obviously, he (Panchen Lama) had died of poisoning. Hu Jintao, the then the secretary of the CCP Committee of Tibet was the culprit behind the plot to murder Panchen Lama,” Yuan Hong Bing, a prominent Chinese dissident and a writer based in Australia, said here at a press conference.

Yuan said the reason for murdering the Panchen Lama was that the Tibetan Buddhist master and head of Tashi Lhunpo monastery had expressed his desire to invite the exile Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama to Tibet. A forthcoming book by him, To the Summit of Firmament – Crossing the Himalayas will expose the truth behind the mysterious death of the Panchen Lama for the first time, said Yuan, who is a part of a delegation of overseas Chinese from Australia visiting the exile headquarters of the Tibetan government here.

Yuan played down any possibility of Hu Jintao being a pacifist with kindness towards the Tibetans. “Some try to make people believe that Hu Jintao is a pacifist who holds kindness towards Tibetans, that’s another lie,” said Yuan, adding that Hu Jintao rose to the top position of CCP regime by stepping on the blood, bones and tears of the Tibetan people. “In March 1989, Hu Jintao, wearing a helmet and holding an automatic rifle, directly commanded soldiers to slaughter monks who were peacefully protesting in the streets of Lhasa,” he added.

Yuan is a popular Chinese dissident, writer, philosopher and liberalism jurist who sought political asylum in Australia after being jailed for 6 months in 1994 for “attempting to overthrow the socialist system”. Yuan had authored several books that were critical of the communist regime in Beijing including Freedom in the sunset about atrocities against Mongolians during the Cultural Revolution.

He has also authored a book on Tibet called Golden Holy Mountain and other books on Taiwan and academic papers that criticized the regime in Beijing. He has been living in Australia since 2004 after escaping with a group of tourists.

In June 1989, Yuan founded the Beijing University Faculty Support Association, a political group in support of the 1989 student movement at Tiananmen Square.

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